Love and Cherish you

In this busy world constantly requiring our time, money and energy, leaves little to no time for us. Add in being mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, grandparents, BFF’s, god-parents, you get the picture, there goes more time loving, caring, sharing and giving to others, which is all good. Here’s the thing, when do you have quiet time, free time, relaxing time for you? Set a date, time and place just for you. Write it down, set it in your phones, paste it to the mirror and show up on time and love and cherish you.


Author AK Parker



Wedding Vows…

Wedding vows are a traditions that most bride and grooms include in their wedding ceremony. Some couples recite the traditional vows, love/cherish, better/worse, richer/poorer and sickness/health. There are couples who create their own more personal and intimate vows and a few abolish them all together. I believe wedding vows are the foundation to the union of husband and wife. They are more than mere words, vows are promises to make their lifetime commit work. Often throughout the life of many marriages, wedding vows get ignore or forgotten. Not intentionally, but nevertheless they vanish. When spouses face challenges in their marriage, repeating or defining vows can play a crucial role in overcoming some of the challenges. Post your wedding vows in plain site. Re-vow your vows every anniversary, create new vows, have fun with you verbal promise of affection and adoration and remember to keep them alive and well throughout your love life.

Keep it moving….

Keep it moving..

When you set goals or creating your dream life, you have to keep it moving. Exercising our bodies and minds requires daily movement. I arrive to work early and take advantage of the extra time by walking for 5 to 10 minutes. I also walk on my breaks and lunch. Taking these mini walks is good for my mood and heart. Look for times throughout the day to walk, stretch, smile and hug. The smiling is to boost your energy and create a positive environment, the hugs is to release stress. If you have time during the day to go for a jog, do so. Find something to do each day that will keep you moving. Our muscles need movement and movement will lead us to our fitness goals

Tell me how you keep it moving.

From Fabulous Me to Fabulous You

A.K. Parker

Ready and willing…

My weight loss surgery resulted in 140 pounds gone. I put back on 30+ pounds. I am on a mission to lose those and a few more. I feel comfortable being a size 14/16. Considering I once was a size 30/32.

I put a lot of work into losing weight, even with having weight loss surgery, there is still work on your part and I did a lot of working out.

Where I got stuck on was what I could not eat. Looking back, I really did get an attitude because I could not eat what everyone else was eating. Silly I know, but that is what I did.

Now, I know better and focused on the fact that I still cannot eat a lot of food at once. We all know when it is time to stop eating; the key is to actual stop eating and put the food away. I am only focused on doing the right thing, not on what others are doing. My biggest challenge is sugar. I have allowed my system to get use to having sugar again and one of the biggest factors of having weight loss surgery is that you cannot have sugar and fats.

In my Bold 2015 year, I will conquer the cravings for sugar and fatty foods. I am worth a healthy life. I will achieve a healthy physical, spiritual and financial life. I’m ready and willing to do the work to achieve this.

What are you ready and willing to do to make great bold changes in your life? Let me know.

From Fabulous Me, to Fabulous You

Keep track…

Keep track …..

Have you had those days when you just eat and eat without keeping track of what you had already? I have, and in those days, I’ve over eaten or eaten foods that are not conducive to my weight lost goals.

Keeping a food journal will help me know exactly what is going in my body and how much of it.

Write down all meals, snacks and tid bits that you eat each day. After day three, take a few minutes and review your journal.

Look for good food patterns. Good food patterns are vegetables, protein and good fats. Patterns that need to be changed are foods high in sugar and fat. Beginning on day four, you should see a change in your pattern.

Create good food patterns and these patterns will become good habits.  Good food habits will lead us to our weight goals. Not only weight loss but to maintain.

Having weight loss surgery is only the beginning. Creating new attitude about food, we will be able to re-lose our weight and this time maintain.

From Fabulous Me, to Fabulous You

Ways to decrease sugar and fat grams….

Hello Big Bold Beautiful GirlZ,

There are ways we can decrease our daily sugar and fat gram intake. For the coffee drinkers, such as myself, choose coffee creamers with all natural ingredients. I enjoy all the delicious flavored coffee creamers, but if you read what is in them, most of the ingredients are not natural. I had to ask myself what is more important, my health or great taste. Of course I choose my health, and I also found a creamer that has all natural ingredients and is delicious.  If you really enjoy coffee creamer in your coffee, rethink the ingredients. Most ingredients have sugar and fat in them, thus making the product high in fat and sugar. The next time you are shopping, take a few extra minutes and read all the ingredients in your favorite creamer and the other creamers. Make a wise healthy decision on your purchase. I hope this tip will decrease your sugar and fat intake. Remember, you are already sweet enough, we do not need excess sugar.

From Fabulous Me, to Fabulous You.

A.K. Parker