Love & Cherish true friendship

Having a circle of friends or one true friend makes life easier. Inside that personal and private circle encompasses love, honesty, good times, laughter, tears, tea, adventure, great memories, trust, compassion, support, relaxation and enjoyment. Love and cherish your friends, make sure they know they are loved, wanted and needed.

Cherish the delicate times, energy, conversations and freedom of relying on one another. Friendship is built over time and develops into a magnificent comfort zone. This is a sacred zone and should be guarded.

Be sure to have Jesus Christ at the top of your friends list. He loves you and will always be with you.

Author AK Parker



Love & Cherish a senior citizens

Often times in the ebb and flow of life we tend to miss or forget things or people. Not intentionally but nevertheless we do. I encourage you to take some time this week to love & cherish a senior citizen. A relative or neighbor or someone you don’t know. Spend time with them, play a game of checkers or chess or bridge. Take them out for ice cream or to a movie. Read the newspaper [or from your cell phone], go for a walk or take dip in a pool.

Many of our senior citizens have paved the way for us. Not every hero or heroine is in a book. The unknowns are living right among us. Be there hero by loving on them and finding out what they cherish. It’s a good feeling when we all can find others who are in need love and want to be cherished.

Author AK Parker

Your circle of love that you cherish

The world is full of problems, issues and confusion. There should be a place where we each can go and just be enveloped in love. Good news, there is, your circle of love. Better news, you’re the designer of this circle, you get to create the shape and ground rules. My circle of love starts with God, and includes my loving husband, amazing four sons, a meaningful mother, super sisters, diva nieces, awesome aunts, beautiful/handsome cousins, understanding uncles and fantastic friends. As the designer, you also have to maintain your circle and guard it against the world. Cherish the spaces in your circle and love all over them every moment you get.


AK Author

Love & cherish your family

Each day is a gift that should be unwrapped slowly and thankfully. Inside you will find many to love and cherish. Your spouse, children, grandchildren, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews, parents grand parents, and god-parents. Wow, what wonderful gifts we get to hug, hold, love, cherish, kiss, talk to, cry with and play with each given day. Take time today to love and cherish your family.

AK Parker


Love & Cherish something new

We all love what we love and that’s wonderful. What about the things unknown to us or things that are new and different. Life is short and should be filled with as much love and adventure as possible. Try something new today. A new route to and from work. A new fragrance, spice, laundry detergent, or recipe. Take some quiet time and listen to a new artist or a movie that you always wondered about. Love and cherish all things new this last week of May. Make room for the new and love all over it. Cherish life by experiencing the new.


AK Parker

Love and Cherish you

In this busy world constantly requiring our time, money and energy, leaves little to no time for us. Add in being mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, grandparents, BFF’s, god-parents, you get the picture, there goes more time loving, caring, sharing and giving to others, which is all good. Here’s the thing, when do you have quiet time, free time, relaxing time for you? Set a date, time and place just for you. Write it down, set it in your phones, paste it to the mirror and show up on time and love and cherish you.


Author AK Parker


Wedding Vows…

Wedding vows are a traditions that most bride and grooms include in their wedding ceremony. Some couples recite the traditional vows, love/cherish, better/worse, richer/poorer and sickness/health. There are couples who create their own more personal and intimate vows and a few abolish them all together. I believe wedding vows are the foundation to the union of husband and wife. They are more than mere words, vows are promises to make their lifetime commit work. Often throughout the life of many marriages, wedding vows get ignore or forgotten. Not intentionally, but nevertheless they vanish. When spouses face challenges in their marriage, repeating or defining vows can play a crucial role in overcoming some of the challenges. Post your wedding vows in plain site. Re-vow your vows every anniversary, create new vows, have fun with you verbal promise of affection and adoration and remember to keep them alive and well throughout your love life.